WinXfer 2

Transfer files between two computers

WinXfer is a tool that transfers utility which enables transferring files between two computers directly connected through the modem or through the serial port.

It is very intelligent and very easy to use. WinXfer contains three interfaces. First is using the standard windows (GUI) interface that lets the user to run it as a simple Windows application.

Second is through a command line console interface that can be used either from the command prompt, run from the Windows scheduler or spawned from another application or command file.

The last and the third one is through an application programming interface which enables a Visual C/C++, Visual Basic and any other tool that has the ability to call DLLs to access every feature programmatically.

WinXfer is made for everyone to experience a more easy way of transferring files between two computers that takes in just a no time job creating the best results ever.

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WinXfer 2

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